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 "Two Systems of Astronomy"
by Isaac Frost & George Baxter
(c. 01846) 

Isaac Frost was an artist, scientist, and prominent member of the Muggletonian sect in the mid 19th Century who was instrumental in the refinement of their astronomical theory, as represented on these prints which he designed. They were printed by George Baxter, a London printer who developed and patented an innovative method of printing using oil pigments. 

This fascinating work outlines the Muggletonians rejection of Newtonian physics. The Prophets had stated that as part of their divine revelation that heaven was only six miles above the earth and that the sun and the moon are not much bigger than they appear to our natural sight. The Muggletonians took a very literal view of biblical statements, especially statements from the Book of Enoch, and demanded that these statements (as interpreted by them) should take precedence over what was claimed to be scientific fact.

As opposed to the Christian view of a Holy Trinity, Muggletonians believed Christ the Son was in fact the true God, while the prophets Elijah and Moses watched over Heaven. In addition, they believed that God paid little attention to His creation, therefore rendering acts of faith and devotion such as prayer, worship, and martyrdom useless. Heaven was to be found on Earth, rather than in the afterlife, and Hell likewise existed within man.