Great Chain of Being

I was recently commissioned
by a dear friend of mine
to create a custom work of art.
He was kind enough to have complete trust in my vision,
and permitted me absolute freedom to make whatever I wanted.

I took this unique opportunity to illustrate,
in one image, vertically oriented,
what I have been attempting to convey
through 40+ paintings, arranged in horizontal sequence,
over the last decade or so
The connected & whole nature of reality,
with the human experience at the center


process sequence

- wood panel with newsprint-paper glued & sanded

- vertical & horizontal center-points measured and perpendicular axes drawn

- frame-within-a-frame border drawn around edge

- circles established as anchors for each level of scale

- foundational Main images drawn within circles

- Black & white values added to give depth & distinction

- Secondary & tertiary layers of visual information layered atop foundation

- color added to give more distinction, beginning to integrate all layers

- Second pass of color & value to give dimension & detail, more integration

- Final pass of color & value & refinement, as well as emergent additional layers of information, all fully integrated


the journey of creating A Work Of Art
is through a wide & varied landscape,
but at the end is always a mountain peak

the final phase of the process
--refining, polishing, & perfecting a painting,
w/ scanning eagle eyes attached to
seeking liner brush & 005 micron--
is a long uphill slog of tedious drudgery,
moving. forward. only. so. s l o w l y . ,
and with tremendous effort

when finally at the top. . .
. . .wow, what a view !

“ Great Chain of Being ( v . 1 . 1 ) “
( paint, ink, paper, wood )
48 " x 32 "