Human Digestive System (v.1.1)

new painting available :

Human Digestive (v.1.1) (original painting)

original handmade painting
by Casey Cripe

acrylic & paper on wood
12 " x 12 "

signed and packaged
with care and craft
by Casey Cripe

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" Feces (Latin for 'sediment' or 'dregs') consist of excess fats such as cholesterol, dead mucous membrane sloughed off from the lining of the alimentary canal, and protein debris shed by the intestinal bacteria that produce sulphuric odors of flatulence. Their typical brown coloration is due to dead red-blood cells. Young children often conceive scatological theories of childbirth, and see their excrement as proof of their own creative magic ; psychotics are known to smear themselves with their feces or to swallow them (corpophagy). Because defecation is usually a deliberate act, its imagery has been linked to assertion, expression, willing, creative potential and transformation, and also to compulsions having to do with control, domination, and withholding. Excretory images often evoke the circumstances and issues related to the channeling and appropriate containers for creative urges. We apply 'constipated' figuratively when we feel creative stultification ; what needs to come out can't or won't, and diarrhea symbolically  supposes an abnormal, too loose, out-of-control discharge of one's substance. Even at the dawn of consciousness, and well beyond, our 'droppings' were highly valued, as was the fertile excrement of the revered animals like the elephant and cow. How extraordinary that from our most ancient ancestors to Freud and Jung, the divine nature of excrement has been intuited : 'the lowest value allies itself to the highest' so that symbolically, one's shit really can smell like a rose. "

- _The Book of Symbols : Reflections on Archetypal Images (02010)